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19 May 2015

Tips to keep your oven clean and grease free

Spilled sauces and greasy food crumbs in the oven can get quite annoying, especially with our busy lifestyles where cleaning takes a back seat. This is why it becomes essential to call in the oven cleaners when the appliance gets all greasy and beyond your routine cleaning skills. If you feel it is time to call in the oven cleaners then just contact your local cleaning agency. A skilled cleaner should be able to reinstate your kitchen gadget to its original condition. While cleaning the oven is indeed a tedious task, you can follow some of our easy tips to ensure that the appliance stays clean and hygienic.

Know the oven type
oven cleaning
With the changing technological world, we see new types of oven being introduced in the market very often. It is therefore important to know your type of oven and the kind of cleaning it requires. Some of the standard ovens include self-cleaning types, textured ovens and the regular ovens. The self-cleaning type allows you to heat the oven to a high temperature that ultimately reduces the grease and food crumbs to ash. Textured ovens on the other hand are designed to burn away any spillage even while you are baking your food. The regular ovens require you to clean them by hand.

What to do before you start oven cleaning
Ensure that the room is ventilated enough, open up the windows and keep kitchen door open. Check if you have the right cleaning products, gloves and equipments. Read the manual to see if there are any specific instructions for cleaning your oven and also consider the safety precautions suggested by the manufacturer. The shelves in your oven can be washed separately, so place them aside.

Everyday cleaning task
Oven cleaning can be a breeze of a task if you do a bit daily rather than wait for the dirt and grease to build up. Clean up food spillages immediately, it is easier to wipe it off if you do it spot on. Ensure that the oven is cool enough so that it does not pose a risk for you. When stains are allowed to be heated repeatedly they become difficult to get rid of. Also, it is suggested that you remove the shelves and rinse them in your sink atleast once a week.

Clean oven with baking soda
This is a popular method of cleaning an oven. Mix half a cup of baking soda with three tablespoons of water and make it into paste. Wear a pair of gloves and spread the paste in the interior surface of the oven, clearly staying away from any heating elements. You will notice the baking soda turning brown as you rub it in. Ensure you cover all greasy areas and let it stay overnight. On the next day use a damp cloth to wipe out the paste. If there are chunks of baking soda that refuse to part with your oven, then use some vinegar to loosen them.

Oven cleaner and cleaning shelves
You can use an oven cleaner spray to clean the interiors of the oven if you don’t want to get your hands messy with the baking soda solution. Use a brush to apply the oven cleaner and apply it evenly. Make sure you follow the instructions mentioned on the oven cleaner. Leave the cleaner in the oven for about 30 minutes during which the grease and dirt will break down.
The shelves can be easily cleaned with warm water and dishwashing soap. If it is heavily greased then leave it in soapy water for an hour and then wash it clean.


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