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20 March 2015

Kid friendly cleaning techniques

Having kids is a great pleasure, but obviously they come with toys, food and create lots of mess! Unfortunately we can’t put the whole child into the washing machine with crayon mess, cookie batter and coloured icing all together. The best way to handle the child and home cleaning situation is to stay relaxed and look to this helpful cleaning guide. There is always a little trick to help rid you of those hard to reach stains and keep that toy clutter under control so don’t panic.
    Kid friendly cleaning techniques
  • Invest in a mini hoover, they are fairly inexpensive now days and if you are going to have to run around after your child anyway you may as well have a mini hoover in hand. It will save you work for later and there will be less of a trail of disruption behind the little ones, so you can relax a little more.
  • Lego and plastic toys sometimes go on their fair share of journeys and on the way pick up plenty of germs and dirt. Sitting around the floor they are often picking up grime and hair that sticks to something sticky. You don’t even want to know what that something sticky is! A great way to deal with toys is to put them through a regular wash in your washing machine. Use and underwear garment bag to keep them all together and they will come out sparkly clean and ready to be used again. Use a basket or box to dump toys in after bed.
  • Permanent marker, crayons and paint tend to get everywhere, no matter how carefully you laid  out that newspaper on the table. Fingers have a habit of wandering, before you know it you are having to look into professional carpet and upholstery cleaning Kensington. Rubbing alcohol is the best tip for removing this artistic graffiti from anywhere other than the paper its supposed to be on.
  • We all have to admit to sometimes having to use the microwave for heating up those kids meals. Especially if you make a few in advance and then freeze them for the week. Microwaves can get particularly dirty and even during kitchen cleaning tend to be missed or left till last. Heat up a little bowl of lemon juice and vanilla extract. The lemon juice steam will loosen any dirt so you can simply wipe it clean and your vanilla with create a fresh fragrance. It also works with oven cleaning, you just need a larger bowl.
  • If you are potty training then prevent unwanted overspills from ruining your bathroom floor by using wee pads made for puppies. You can by puppy pads at any pet store or online. By putting them beneath the toilet your mind can rest as they are absorbent and easily soak up any accidents. Great for putting underneath the sheet on your child’s bed as well for any bedwetting incidents.
  • If you have a spillage of any powdery substances, particularly make up which tends to sit in drawers hidden in the corners and turning everything that comes into contact with it a trendy shade. Turn to the Play dough in your home and let it pick all the powder up. You can really press it into the corners to get all the little bits up as well.
  • If all else fails, get your child a realistic play broom and show them how fun sweeping the carpet is. You will be surprised how much fun they have and how much dirt that little broom will bring to the surface ready for your to hoover up. Then your carpet cleaning for the day is done.

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