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3 March 2015

Fast house cleaning checklist

The big spring cleaning is around the corner or maybe you`ve already done all the complex and long procedures for deep cleaning of the most stained objects in your house. In all cases - the most important thing after the big spring cleaning is to keep the house clean and fresh as longer as possible, and next is a simple schedule for house cleaning to apply like every weekend or so.

1. Clean the floors in the entire house via vacuuming machine. 
This will help you to get rid of the bigger sand particles, dust, pollens and blemishes, while ensuring a cleaner and fresher look of the carpets with longer fibers. The vacuuming power ruffles the fibers and so they don`t stick especially in the areas, which see the heaviest foot traffic. On the other hand, the ruffled fibers facilitate the extraction of the sand particles and the dust that`s penetrated deeper into the base of the fibers. Vacuuming is one of the fastest ways for cleaning floors at home and especially when using the right nozzle for a specific flooring. Laminate and tiled floors should be vacuumed with a brushed nozzle, while it`s better to hide the brushes into the nozzle when cleaning fiber carpets and rugs. Don`t forget to lower the suction power of the machine so to clean some light fabrics like curtains, decorative pillows, etc., which is usually the fastest way for cleaning instead of removing the curtains from the windows, soaking up in cleaning solutions, waiting to dry and then placing them back on the walls.

2. There is nothing to beat the speed of cleaning, than rotating rugs and carpets or even turning them on the backing.
This will ensure an even exposure of the parts and areas, which see the heavy wear, while in the meantime saving you time for vacuuming, hot water cleaning and other treatments. Of course, the already dirty front side should be cleaned before turning the carpet and one of the best way for doing that is just to slightly beat the carpet through the window or outdoors. Or else, make sure to clean the back dirty side as soon as possible as a prevention from pollens and allergens, but there is no doubt - rotating or turning carpets is the fastest way to make them look clean and fresh like new, especially when you have to clean at the last moment when awaiting guests and friends.

3. Make a simple homemade solution for windows cleaning.
It may include only hot water and white vinegar, but you can also add a tiny amount of a dish-washing detergent. Then stir well in a small bowl and apply the solution onto the window with a clean towel. Treat the heavily stained areas a couple of times if needed and don`t forget to clean the frames of the windows as well.

4. Get the small carpets, pillows from the sofas and the chairs, as well as curtains and other light fabrics, and beat them slightly through the window.
It`s usually enough to make them looking cleaner and that`s the fastest way to remove the accumulated dust.

5. Wipe off dust after cleaning. 
house cleaningYet that`s the final touch that gives the beautiful fresh look of your house like it`s regularly cleaned up. Again, this yet simple and relaxing activity like wiping off dust can turn into a long and difficult adventure, especially when you have to climb to the ceilings and the lamps or in the tiny spaces behind the furnishings. The best thing is that a duster with electrically charged fibers can wipe off dust much quicker and easier.

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