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22 January 2015

How to have your sofa cleaned by the experts

Sofa cleaning is something that we think of; every once in a while when our couches and sofas are completely covered in grime and dirt and no matter how many scrubs we give the sofa, it just doesn't quite cut the mustard! So we think of hiring a cleaning company to be able to help us restore our sofas back to normal. It isn't always easy to clean your sofa yourself and this is why places like cleaning agencies make it very simple to have the same sofa that you once bought, back to its original state. A clean sofa really adds to the ambiance of the house meaning that your house will have a natural face lift and don’t be surprised by all the compliments on the “new” sofa. Here is how you can go about finding a cleaning contractor company to take care of all the work for you, whilst you marvel at the end result:
    sofa cleaning
  • Hiring sofa cleaners means that you need to know what fabric your sofa is often made of. Is it cloth or is it leather? Cleaning is quite simple when you can provide the specifics of the sofa to the company that you will be hiring. It helps them and it helps you to understand the work that is actually needed to be carried out. One of the main reasons to know what you need doing is that sometimes a company can quote you extra, because they don’t know the actual specifics on what it is that you need cleaning. Perhaps, it is not the entire sofa that you won’t but your 5 year old spilled some juice or something on some part of the sofa that now doesn't want to come off and it is the most annoying thing ever. Being able to be specific when it comes to having your cleaning done, will help you leaps and bounds!
  • Inquire about pricing. Nothing is more frustrating that finding a company that seems really food, their services, their atmosphere and presentation, only to find that they are out of your budget. The best way to bust this straight through the door, is by giving them a call and asking for a no-obligation quote which will enable you to make a decision on if you would like to hire this company or not. Whilst inquiring about the pricing, it is also wise to ask two separate questions that will be deciding factors. Firstly, are all their prices inclusive of VAT and secondly, do they charge per sofa (per item) or is it a flat rate/hourly? Remember that every cleaning company works different and sometimes what is good for the goose isn't always good for the gander. Best to be safe, rather than sorry. A lot of companies, do indeed have the good sense to include VAT however, if the company is VAT registered—it will often be an extra on the bill, ensuring that you won’t always be alerted on it. 

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