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15 December 2014

Reduce commercial cleaning costs

The expenses that come with running your own business are by no means slight and if you’re anything like most business owners you’ll be looking for ways to save money here and there. While you've probably already started looking at more efficient energy saving measures and going digital to avoid the cost of stationary, there is another way you can reduce spending… on office cleaning!

cleaning costsIf you are running a large company it’s likely that you’ve got the professional cleaners coming in on a daily business, probably at night when the majority of your staff have gone home.  This probably costs an arm and a leg and could really be cutting into your profits, particularly if you’re a start-up or have been facing some financial difficulties of late! Cleaning companies are well aware of the demand for their services, which is why they won’t hesitate to charge a small fortune for a regular and reliable cleaning service Islington. However why we’re not suggesting you scrap the cleaning agency all together, we want to offer you some advice on how you can reduce those commercial cleaning costs!

Bin it!
With every desk having it’s own dustbin, this will result in a build up of rubbish by the day’s end. A great suggestion is to have a centralised bin system, located somewhere that’s not in the way, where everyone has to throw their rubbish. If you’re concerned about the environment then why not have a central bin system that’s divided into three compartments, one for general waste, one for plastic and one for paper. You may be asking yourself how this will save you on your cleaning bill. Well the answer is simple. If all the rubbish is in a central point, cleaners won’t have to walk round emptying every single rubbish bin and can collect all waste in one go. This will save cleaners time, which means they won’t bill you for as many hours work!

Now it has become best practice for professional cleaners and cleaning agencies to visit offices on a daily basis. Step back for a moment and ask yourself… is this really necessary? Cleaning your office just three times a week is probably more than enough, even if you do have large premises. Assign individual tasks to staff members, like regular washing up of their own coffee mugs and cleaning of their desk. Another useful tip to consider is purchasing a dishwasher so that everyone’s cups and mugs or even plates and cutlery can be loaded at the end of the day, switched on and presto… one less job for the professional cleaners. All these tips will leave the cleaning companies the job of vacuuming the office and giving the kitchen and bathrooms a good deep clean!

Sharing is caring
If you’ve managed to narrow down your cleaning necessities provided by cleaning agencies but still require their services several times a week, then why not see if your neighbouring office would care to share the cleaning company and therefore divide the costs? Clubbing together on this could be a great way to save yourself some money but still get the best out of professional cleaning services.

Regular tidying up
A vital tip to saving on cleaning costs is by keeping your office tidy and clear of any obstacles that may be blocking hallways, stairways etc. Don’t leave things lying around the office, as before the professionals can clean an area, they must first be able to reach it. Send out an office memo encourage staff to keep their work stations in an orderly and tidy fashion, with as little as possible clutter on their desks and in their immediate area.


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