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10 October 2014

Dealing with an independent cleaning professional

You will find that when it comes to getting rid of the burden of the domestic cleaning, you have a couple of options. Those  who are keen to reduce the amount of house cleaning that they do will be looking to get a professional cleaner in, but do you go for an independent cleaning service of just one person, or do you look at hiring a cleaning contractors, who will have more than one cleaner on their books. Whilst the toss up will never be hugely important, because you will still get a clean house for a similar price at the end of the day, you should be concerning yourself with how the background of the two different systems work, and having a serious think about which you want to support as a customer. You will no doubt understand some of the things that make the difference, so here the focus will be on the way in which an independent cleaner may have an impact on your home cleaning.

cleaning professionalFor a start, an independent cleaner is self employed. They act as freelance contractors, rather than for a company. This means that they technically have no boss, though you are above them in the essence that you tell them what to do. Whilst this does put you in a position of power and authority, it does not mean the same as were they contractually obliged to do the job by the company that they worked for? An independent cleaner can leave if they want to, and can come and go as they see fit. This is of course not usually a problem, as a cleaner will need all of the customers and work that they can get, so losing a client would be disastrous. Therefore, you usually get the opposite effect. Whilst a cleaner who works for an agency would feel contractually obliged to do the work, they won’t feel like they necessarily have to do it to the best of their abilities, as they will most likely get paid. An independent cleaner may be able to leave the work if they wanted to, but given how much harder it is to find clients when you are working on your own, they would not want to run the risk of losing you as a customer.

So, you have found a cleaner who works for themselves, they have done the trial, and now you are wondering what the next step is. The beauty of the independent cleaner is that you tend to talk to them directly, rather than organizing things through their agency. This basically means that you can organize time tables and shift around schedules with them whilst they are in front of you,so that every one is on the same page. It will essentially mean that you are able to get the times that you need, without having to ring up various people and do it all officially. However, the issues that can arise here lie in the fact that an independent cleaner is only one person, and with an agency, any clashes with other customers would mean that they found you a different cleaner, to suit your times. If you have serious issues with finding the right time for your independent cleaner to come round, then you may have to look elsewhere for someone who can do your hours, but it is very unlikely that neither of you will be able to adjust to make it work! Tenancy Cleaning

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