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11 September 2014

Finding a professional cleaner

If you are tired of battling with the house work, and trying to balance a healthy and normal life with the stress of work and looking after the house, then you should have a think about how you are going to reduce these issues. You will find that the best way in which to ensure that you are not getting spread too thinly is to ensure that you are not spending time on things that are not that important. Work is important, as it pays your way. Friends are important as they will give you happiness. Your family are important, as they will be a source of joy for as long as you live. However, the cleaning is not that big a deal. Of course, keeping the house clean is a massively important task, but you can’t really hire someone else to do our job, nor look after your children, so it seems like the cleaning is something that might easily be delegated to a well trained and trusted cleaning professional! You will find that finding a cleaner is easy, but finding one that you know is the cleaner for you can be hard. You need to look at the situation from every angle to be sure that you are not getting yourself in for anything that might turn out badly.

professional cleanerFirst off, ask around your local friends. Do they have cleaners? If so what do they think, and who do they use? You may have a friend who recommends the perfect person right away, or you may get a load of warnings form mates as to why you should not use the cleaner that they have, either way, it is all useful information. If you don’t get someone from them, then it may well be time to search elsewhere. Have a look in the window of your local newsagents for any adverts that have been put up by independent cleaners. The effort that it takes to go down to the shop and put up a sign is a lot more than to upload our detail on to a website for finding hired help. This shows enthusiasm and drive, and it is a nice little way to give back to the community, and keeping local people in work.

Just because they have put a card in a shop does not mean that the cleaners can be trusted completely! It is worth locking things away for the first few times round, so that you can develop a rapport with the cleaner, and so that you feel like you can trust them in your home. You will find that doing a trial run before committing to anything is essential, but do make sure that you are well aware of how the place looked before you get them in, as otherwise the effect of their clean may be lost on you, skewing the results of the trial! It is very important that you get on well with the cleaner, as you will have to ask them to do things that you might not have otherwise asked someone. It is also essential in that you will need to be able to be in the house around them, as you may not always be out when they are cleaning. If you feel like the person that you have round for your trial has a bad attitude, then it might not be the person for you, and you should prevent the job form going any further, before things get too difficult to finish with.

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