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21 July 2014

How to thoroughly clean your patio

Your patio can easily become dirty and grimy – something that you definitely don’t want for the summer months! However, cleaning your patio can be a big job, and if you want some helpful hints and tips to help you with cleaning your patio then you’ve come to the right place!

Getting rid of weeds.
cleaning servicesThe weeds growing in the cracks of your patio can make your whole back yard look unsightly and unclean.
 Take a strong and thick pair of gardening gloves and rip out any weeds that you can see. For stubborn weeds try cutting them as close to the root as possible with gardening scissors or a kitchen knife. It’s easy to prevent weeds from growing again once your patio’s clear. Use a chemical weed killer or preventative spray on any areas where weeds grow, or use salt if you prefer to stay away from chemical products! You might need to reapply weed prevention products regularly, so make sure you always have a solution in the house!

Clearing your patio.
It’s now time to clean your patio. Get rid of garden furniture, outdoor toys and other items so that you can give your patio a thorough clean. Start by sweeping away any leaves, twigs or other such debris and collect them together for use in your recycling bins. Once your patio is clear it’s time to begin cleaning!

Using the right equipment.
You’re going to need a brush with thick bristles to clean your patio, as well as a bucket of clean water and bleach. Mix a small amount of bleach into a bucket of clean water and use this to wash down the patio before cleaning. You could also use a hose pipe and bleach spray to do this too. Once this is done, start at the top of the patio and use your stiff bristled brush to scrub. The dirt and marks will lift easily, though this can take a while if you have a large patio area!

Dealing with stubborn dirt.
Some stains can be tough to lift, and if you experience this problem then there are a few things you can do. When the area is dry, use your brush to scrub at it without any cleaning agents. This will help to lift the dirt without moistening it, which can make it harder to shift. Once you’ve scrubbed at it dry, hose the area down or use a bucket of water, and scrub with bleach.

Rinsing your patio.
Once your patio is clean all you need to do is wash away the dirty water. Be careful when washing away the bleach mixture, as it is toxic to plants and flowers and you don’t want to ruin your garden! Use a hose or buckets of clean water to give your patio a good rinse and to ensure that no bleach residue is left behind. Take your time with this step, especially if you have pets or children that use your garden area regularly.

Keeping your patio clean.
It’s easy to keep your patio clean once a thorough clean has been done! Keep on top of your patio by rinsing it regularly and removing weeds when necessary. The area is easy to keep tidy too – try investing in an outdoor storage box that can house your patio furniture, children’s outdoor toys and barbeque facilities!


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