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16 July 2014

How to clean eyeglasses

If you wear eyeglasses, you know that they tend to get dirty a lot. This may happen outdoors, due to rain, wind, blowing dust in your face, or something else; or, it may occur if you accidentally touch them with dirty fingers or spill something on them. Whatever the reason for them to get stained, cleaning them is easy, but you have to do it regularly in order to keep them shiny as new at all times.

cleaningThe first method you may want to try is the following. In the kitchen or bathroom, run the water and make sure it is warm. Put the glasses under the water flow to make them wet. Always use mild soap such as dish soap as, for example, hand soap or cleaners, containing ammonia, may damage the lenses. They are often too greasy and cannot be removed easily without intense scrubbing, which is not recommended when it comes to lenses. In addition, the chemicals they contain may harm the lens coating. Spread the soap gently with circular motions, you may use a cotton pad or a soft cloth to help the process. After that, wash the soap away under the warm flow of water and dry the glasses with a soft towel (you may only have to dry the frames, because if the glasses have truly been cleaned, most of the water will rinse off). At the end of the process you may want to use a toothbrush to gather any dirt left on the nose pads, but be careful, because you may scratch the lenses.

You can always purchase some spray cleaner for glasses if you don’t want to use soap. You can combine it with a microfiber cloth. Both things can be bought from any store that offers cleaning products for glasses. Use the cleaner to spray the lenses (do that on their both sides), make sure your hands are perfectly clean and spread the solution carefully with your fingers. After that is done, dry with the microfiber cloth. As you know, your face produces oils that create a sticky layer on your lenses. This layer easily pulls dust and small particles. By spraying your glasses with a cleaner and cleaning them with a microfiber cloth, you could prevent these substances from gathering dirt.

It is essential to remember that you should not wipe your lenses when they are dry. This will scratch their surface and damage their abilities to enhance your eyesight. Always use clean, soft cloths, wash your hands before the process of cleaning, remember to do so regularly and buy a special case to keep your glasses in, not only for the night, but always, as they are very vulnerable if left somewhere with no supervision.

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