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5 June 2014

Waste Transfer notes, what are they and why are they important?

When you dispose of rubbish it is incredibly important that you ensure the waste is disposed of properly.  Throwing your rubbish away in any available free space you happen to find is called fly-tipping, it is against the law and carries with it a hefty fine of up to £5000 plus the chance of being liable for prosecution.
Properly disposing of your things, however, can cost you.  Most waste disposal centres will charge you to dump your things there, this is usually charged on the weight of the things that you are throwing away, i.e. you will typically be charged by the tonne. This is the main reason why people turn to fly-tipping, it doesn’t cost anything to dump your things, well unless they are traced back to you and you are fined.

Domestic CleaningWhen you hire a house clearance company to clear your home for you they more often than not take over the responsibility of getting rid of your rubbish for you, this includes finding a waste disposal company that is licenced to take responsibility of the rubbish and paying the fee’s charged by the disposal company. A rogue house clearance company will try to cut costs wherever possible and may decide to fly-tip your rubbish and avoid paying the charges from the disposal centre therefore keeping more profit for themselves.  If this waste is then traced back to you, you may be held liable for prosecution and could face paying up to £5000.

If you have hired a reputable house clearance company then once the house clearance is complete and they have loaded their vans with all of your rubbish, they should provide you with some proof that they have taken control of your rubbish and are now responsible for getting rid of it properly. There are two ways in which they might give you proof, one is in the form of a waste transfer note which signs the responsibility of getting rid of the rubbish from you to the house clearance company, and the other is in the form of a detailed receipt showing the company name and contact information, details of the job that was undertaken and responsibility transfer of disposing of the rubbish.

Once you have this waste transfer note, or detailed receipt, you should store it away somewhere safe and remember where you have kept it. This then covers you in the event of your things being fly-tipped and being traced back to you, if you can produce this waste transfer note or detailed receipt then the authorities will continue to prosecute the company you hired for your house clearance rather than you. You should ask for this waste transfer note or detailed receipt to be produced before you pay the final bill from the clearance company, hold onto the payment until they are able to produce it as this will be the only proof that you have.

When you call a clearance company to get a quote you should ask them if they are licenced with the environment agency in removing and properly disposing of your rubbish, they should be able to produce their licence for you to see, so it is worth going to the office to have a look at this before hiring the clearance company. If they refuse to or claim they cannot show you this licence, but say they have one you could always call the environmental agency themselves and confirm with them if the clearance company is in fact licenced.  Always research a clearance company before hiring them, find customer reviews on the internet and see if anyone else has suffered from bad service or had their rubbish dumped.

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