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13 June 2014

Freshening up your sofa

When it comes to ensuring that your sitting room is as nice as possible, it is essential that you pay some attention to the upholstered furniture. Whether it is an armchair, sofa, pouf or foot stool, you need to ensure that your upholstery is as fresh as the room that it is in. Fabrics pick up dirt, stains and smells much in the same way that carpets do, trapping all the dust and dirt from daily use in the fibers that they are made up of. You will no doubt understand how this works, and getting rid of these things can be difficult, unless you know how. Have a look over the following few tips and tricks for ensuring that you can get your sofa freshened up nicely.

upholstery cleaningFirst off, include your sofa in the vacuum cleaning. You will find that reducing the amount of dust that settles in the sofa will ensure that you are able to prevent smells and general grubbiness from becoming a problem. You should find that you can simply take off the cushions and beat them, so that the dust lifts off of them and falls on to the floor. You will be able to take the nozzle form the vacuum cleaner and push it down the cracks of the sofa as well, clearing it of the crumbs and debris that sofas seem to be a magnet for! You should clear out larger things like money before you do this, as otherwise you stand at risk of damaging the hoover, as pieces of metal go flying in to it!

Attend to stains as soon as you see them, rather than allowing them to yd in and become an issue. You will find that a wet stain is a lot easier to get rid of than a dry one, and this is especially true in upholstery, where soaking is not really an option. You need to avoid over saturating the sofa, as this can make the padding too damp, which can result in mold if it does not dry out properly. Whenever you are cleaning your sofa, you should open windows to ensure that a drying cycle of air comes in to aid the drying process. Stains can usually be removed with a supermarket bought stain remover, but if you don;t have any to hand, try laundry soap, white vinegar, or a little washing up liquid on a flannel. Use as little water as possible, and then dab the area dry with a clean cloth or towel. If the stain remains after a couple of tries, or does not seem to be at all reduced, then you may well have to get the professionals in!

Getting your sofa to smell better is something that can only properly be done with the aid of a full clean. Steam cleaning or dry cleaning the sofa will remove the heavy smells that use can put on the upholstery, but you will find that these are expensive, and require a lot of organizing. If you need a quick fix for pet smells, or cooking and smoke odors, try sprinkling the sofa with baking soda, and leaving it in place over night. Vacuum up the powder after wards, and the soda should have absorbed much of the smells. A bowl of hot vinegar in the room over night will do a similar trick, as both of these substances are excellent odor neutralizers. See if it works for you, you never know if it might!

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