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30 June 2014

Domestic cleaning - how your mentality can help you

The best way to ensure that you are cleaning your place effectively is to change the way that you think about cleaning. The right ‘head space’ can make things a lot easier to deal with, and with that way of thinking comes a different way of fitting the cleaning in to your schedule, which will likely free up larger chunks of time, and make the domestic cleaning less of a burden on your home and social life. The best way to consider your house cleaning is as one constant process that needs topping up, rather than completing entirely. Think about it; if you view the house as needing a whole clean, then it is quite a daunting prospect. However, if you consider it as already fundamentally clean, and simply in need of ‘topping up’ regularly, then the job is already mostly done!

domestic cleaningThis may all sound a bit strange and abstract but it basically means that you should always be doing little bits and pieces of cleaning, rather than large lumps of it every now and again. If you do a proper full house clean every couple of weeks, then it most likely takes up a whole day. However, if you vacuum or dust a different room every day for ten minutes, then such blocks of cleaning will not be necessary at all! This all sounds very easy, but obviously it is not. The process of keeping up on your housework is one that requires a fair amount of dedication, and you will find that being disciplined can be hard, especially when the subject is so boring! Think about those moments throughout the day where you have a little free time; the five minutes where you are ready to leave, but don’t want to be early for work, or when you are waiting for your bath to run. These are just a couple of examples of when you can get something done in a flash.

And it should be a flash! If you are regularly dusting, hovering and mopping down your house, then the jobs will only take a few minutes each! Getting rid of build up regularly means that the build up will be lessened each time, making your cleaning jobs much quicker every time you do them. This in turn means that you will get more experienced at the work that needs doing, and the little tasks about the house will become the kinds of thing that only takes a couple of minutes out of your day!

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