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17 April 2014

Getting Rid Of Stains On Your Sofa

Cleaning upholstery can be one of the most difficult jobs when it comes to house cleaning, and making sure that your sofa is cleaned properly can often be one of the key things people look for when they are trying to figure out how to get a cleaner home. If you are wondering how to make sure that your sofa is kept as clean as possible without having to worry too much, what tips and tricks are available to the general practitioner of house cleaning? Read on for some expert advice on how to approach your sofa cleaning problems.

upholstery cleaningThe first thing to consider is whether it is possible to remove the covers and the upholstery from your furniture. Many pieces feature cushions with removable covers which can make your tasks a great deal easier. If your cushions are made of fabric wrapped around and zipped up over an actual cushion, then look closer to see whether you can simply remove the cover in order to dramatically reduce the time spent cleaning. As well as being removable, many covers can be machine washed, which can save you a great deal of effort. Simply placing the removed covers in the washing machine with the correct cleaning products could be just what you need. Always inspect the labels attached to the cushions, however, in order to ensure that you are doing the right thing.

In some instances, cushion cases might not be removable and you could find that your upholstery cleaning will take a bit more effort. One of the best tools to have when it comes to cleaning your couch is a simple wet cloth. For those who have leather sofas, a wet clothes can be used to remove a great number of marks and can ensure that you get the material looking at its best with little effort. Similarly, if you have a stain on any sofa, a gentle rubbing with a wet cloth might be able to loosen the substances which have attached themselves to the fabric and begin the process of removing the stain. A simple wet cloth could be far more useful than you might think.

For those instances where you cannot simply machine wash, and when a wet cloth is not working quite as well as you might have hoped, it might be time to apply a bit of effort. Elbow grease is a tried and tested method of stain removal. Rather than a particularly expert solution, going at the marks with a renewed vigour can help eliminate the stain over the course of time. A dry brush in combination with a wet cloth could be what is needed to shift the stain, though if this is still not working, then it might be time to turn towards something a little more specialist.

When it comes to upholstery cleaners which are available to general consumers, your local supermarket might have a great many options waiting for your attention. As such, finding the solution to suit you will likely be a case of considering which stain you wish to remove and which type of material your upholstery is crafted from. Finding the match between these two will allow you to find the right product to suit you, though it can often be expensive, especially for something you might only use once.

For those who are worried about causing more damage than good, or who have tried to remove the marks and clean their furniture as best they can, then the only solution left might well be to hire expert upholstery stain removals specialists.

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