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28 March 2014

Tips for cleaning silver and brass

If you have silver and brass items in your home then it’s important that you keep them clean, sanitary and tarnish-free. If you don’t really know how to do that without damaging your brass and silver then take a look at this guide! Here are just some tips and tricks for you to make sure that your silver and brass items are always sparklingly clean. Read on to find out more information!

home cleaningSilver can tarnish quite easily, and whether it’s your jewellery or your cutlery that you’re concerned about, there are a few ways in which you can clean without any trouble! Probably one of the most simple and effective way to clean your silver is with warm water, a phosphate-free cleaning product and a polishing cloth. Submerge your silver into a bowl of warm water and the cleaning agent and let it soak properly. After a few moments remove the silver, rinse it thoroughly with clean water and then buff it dry with the cleaning cloth.

Did you know that toothpaste makes a great cleaner for your silverware? Take a small amount of toothpaste on the soft side of a sponge and use it to buff at your silver. This is a fantastic way to remove any tarnishing that you might see! Rinse the silver thoroughly once you’ve finished and use a damp sponge to wipe away any remaining toothpaste. Buff the silver dry with a polishing cloth and you’ll have silverware that looks as good as new! Never use a toothpaste with whitening ingredients as this can have a bad effect on your silver.

Before you begin washing your brass items it’s important to make sure that they are completely made of brass. Try holding a magnet to the item – if it sticks then your item might only be brass plated!
Soapy water is an excellent way to clean your brass belongings. Use washing up liquid and warm water to make a solution and use a sponge to clean the brass with it. Don’t submerge your brass in the water, instead take your time. Clean the item section by section and then dry with a clean polishing cloth.

Sometimes your brass items might look dirty, when actually all they need is a little bit of a polish! Invest in a good brass cleaner and use a soft and clean polishing cloth to buff it gently. Always spray the product onto a cloth and not onto the item that you wish to clean! Use small circular motions and make sure that you don’t leave any areas behind. For an extra-special shine, take a dry polishing cloth after you've finished and buff it yet again for an immaculate shine.

 If you’re looking to clean plated brass then the best method by far is soapy warm water. Cleaning plated brass too frequently can cause a lot of irreparable damage as it will eventually remove the finish entirely. Only use soft cloths to clean plated brass, and never use any harmful chemicals. Plated brass should only be cleaned when strictly necessary, so try to stick to just polishing your plated brass wherever possible!

Invest in a jeweller’s cloth to get the most from your brass. Polish your brass regularly with a jeweller’s cloth and you’ll soon see a dramatic difference to the shine!

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