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24 March 2014

How to improve your cleaning skills

Do you wish that you could clean your home to a professional standard? Do you want a house that’s clean enough to impress your friends and neighbours? Are you looking for cleaning hints and tips to help you improve your cleaning skills? There are lots of things that you can do to improve the quality of your cleaning, and if you want to make the most out of your cleaning products and maybe learn some new skills then you’re in the right place! Here are some great tips to help turn you into a professional cleaner!

cleaningNever spray your cleaning product onto your furniture or surface. You’ll get much better results if you spray your polish or antibacterial spray into the sponge or cloth that you’re using. You’ll waste less product, avoid damaging or staining your furniture, and it will be much easier to keep track of areas that you’ve missed.
Don’t just clean around items – make sure you’re picking everything up and giving the underneath of it a thorough clean. This sounds like an obvious tip, but it really does make a visible difference to your home!

Don’t forget to clean those easy-to-miss areas such as your light switches. Give them a quick wipe with a cloth covered in an antibacterial spray to ensure that they’re gleaming. This might go ignored in most homes, but professional cleaners definitely wouldn’t miss out this step!

Cleaning your light bulbs can improve the level of light in the rooms of your home. Dust, grime and dirt can easily collect on your light bulbs. Wait until they’re cool before gently wiping them with an antibacterial agent and a soft cloth. Make sure the cloth isn’t too damp and thoroughly dry the bulb once finished.
Keep an eye out for splash marks in your bathroom. If you have a hand towel on a ring then you’ll often find them around here. They’re easy to remove with the right spray and a soft cloth. Little tricks like this are used by professional cleaners to make homes look better than perfect.

When you vacuum make sure that you’re moving every item of furniture that you possibly can. Dust and dirt can still get under there, even if you can’t most of the time, so make sure you don’t neglect these areas if you’re looking for a thorough clean.
Vacuum the insides of your cupboards to keep them free from dust, dirt and cobwebs.
Just like the rest of your fridge, the top of it needs cleaning too! Give it a regular wipe with an antibacterial wipe to keep it clean and fresh.

If you have appliances such as a toaster or a kettle on display in your kitchen then make sure that they’re thoroughly clean. Wipe them down with an antibacterial spray to ensure that they’re gleaming.
Are you cleaning stainless steel in your home? Avoid using anything other than a soft cloth to clean it, as this can have a serious effect on the quality and appearance of your item.
No thorough clean of your kitchen is complete without pulling out the fridge. Get help to do this so you won’t accidentally scratch or damage your floors. Clean behind, underneath and on top of your fridge to leave it sparklingly and professionally clean.


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