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10 March 2014

Get that bedroom cleaned!

Regular CleaningIt may feel like cleaning the bedroom is a matter of common sense, and in most parts it is. However there is a lot to be said for giving it a little thought beyond simply doing what you think of, when you think of it. The fact of the matter is that doing the cleaning in an order that makes sense will ensure that you are able to get things done in a productive and useful way, saving you time and effort, keeping you relaxed and your home clean. There are many reasons as to why you should be keeping your bedroom clean, and aside from hosting you will find that they revolve around your general health, both in terms of physical and mental. Waking up to a fresh, dust free room will ensure that you are ready for the day and feeling composed, whilst also preventing you from breathing in all the allergens and dirt that dust can carry...

Begin by getting rid of anything that is not meant to be in your room, an tidying up. You will no doubt have a few coffee cups in there, and maybe even a plate or two! Remove these things, fold and put away all clothes and clear books and magazines to a shelf. You should ensure that everything actually has a place well before cleaning, as otherwise your room can develop a sense of being constantly in the process of being tidied, which is not a particularly pleasant state to live in. Once everything is put away, you should make the bed. Whilst people will often argue that making the bed is a little ridiculous, given that you will only mess it up again in a few hours, a tidy bed is the focal point of a tidy room, and it can make a huge amount of difference to how a room feels, especially if it is a small one.

Once the bed is made you can dust all your shelves, the top of your wardrobe, the window sills, and all areas that may be affected by settling dust. You will find that a regular wipe down of these surfaces keeps it as exactly that; a wipe down. Failure to keep the dusting up will mean that you have to tackle much thicker dust, which can make things extremely laborious and boring. Use the nozzle on your hoover to get rid of particularly hard bits, whilst being aware that there are some places that you won't be able to get the hoover to!

Once you have cleared all the dust, you can vacuum the floor. Doing this almost last will mean that there is little chance of anything getting wiped onto the floor afterwards, which is good as that would mean that you would have to vacuum it up again! Ensure that all areas have been covered, and give any carpets a shake and a beat beforehand, to get all the dust and dirt off them. If you have a wooden floor in your bedroom then you need to vacuum up all the dirt that could cause scratching, and then mop. Use a microfiber mop head, and wring as much water from the mop as possible before you start cleaning, as this will ensure that you are not at risk of scratching the floor, nor leaving it too sodden. Leaving a window open for a couple of hours during or after cleaning will help you keep the place feeling fresh and breezy!
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