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21 March 2014

Cleaning the bathroom is a case of clever timing

You may think that getting the bathroom cleaned is more to do with elbow grease and a load of bleach than anything else,. But in fact you can ensure that your bathroom is cleaned very effectively with much less effort by simply thinking about it all a little in advance. Allowing the products that you use to clean to work harder for you is all down to how much time you give them to be in contact with the dirt that you are trying to get rid of. In most cases, this will mean simply leaving things to soak in the product, and that is where the timing of things comes in.

For a start, think about the hardest part of the bathroom to clean. Everyone is different, but for many people, the taps can be particularly hard to get free of limescale and water residue. If this is the case, then take a sandwich bag and cut a hole in the bottom, which will fit over your tap. Duct tape the bag round the tap, so that the hole is sealed, and then open the top of the bag, and pour enough vinegar in that you can submerge the tap in it. If you are clever, you can tailor the bag so that this does not require much vinegar. Seal the bag and leave it overnight. The acid in the vinegar will cut through the limescale that builds up, and if given enough time and completely rid the tap of all residue. So, when you return the next morning, you should find that you can simply rinse the tap clean of all of the muck, giving you your shining taps back! The same goes for shower heads which can be left in a vinegar solution over night.

bathroom cleaningThis technique can be applied similarly with the rest of the bathroom cleaning. You will find that leaving your cream cleaner or bathroom spray on the offending surfaces means that they get a chance to tackle the dirt chemically, rather than just lubricating your scrubbing. Spray the whole bathroom worth of surfaces in one go, as this will take you five minutes to get everything covered. By the time you have finished this and perhaps made a cup of tea, the chemicals will have had more than enough time to get everything cleaned effectively. The hope is that you have left the chemical cleaners to work away at the dirt, so that when you come along with sponge or brush, the dirt will slide off easily. You know that you can get rid of it with scrubbing, but why bother with all that exertion!?

With grouting, try cleaning between the tiles with a little baking soda and an old toothbrush. The baking soda is naturally whitening as a substance, and will foam up nicely when mixed with water, or even a little vinegar. Again, the acid in the vinegar and the carbonated nature of the baking soda will eat away at the dirt, leaving it all nice and white.

When you have got all of the fixtures and fittings clean, you should mop the floor last. This will mean that you avoid having to do it all twice, and you can be safe in the knowledge that all of the dirt that could possibly have got on the floor is being removed in your final step.

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