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14 March 2014

Carpet cleaning - call the professionals or DIY?

Given that carpets can take up a large portion of the surfaces in the modern home, it seems worth knowing how to get them properly cleaned. You have many options with a carpet, from localized stain removal, to all over cleaning using various methods. All of the methods listed below can be used for whole carpet cleaning, or just getting rid of a spillage. Remember however, that if you can keep a stain wet, it won’t dry in to the fiber, and will therefore be a lot easier to remove. Once the pigment has dried on to the carpet fibers, then you have a bit more of an issue overall...

carpet cleaningFirst off, you have the most common of carpet cleaning methods; carpet shampoo! This is a spray on foam that can cover the whole carpet or just a little bit, which you then scrub in with a brush. Use a softish brush, as a harder one might rip the carpet, or fluff the fibers up too much! Having scrubbed it all in there, you will find that the shampoo dries with the dirt in it, and you can vacuum it all up to get rid of the dirt! Essentially, this is a good cheap option, but there are certainly issues abound with home shampooing! Firstly, it is extremely hard work to do a whole carpet like this, using only hand scrubbing techniques. Secondly, the residue form the shampoo will sometimes dry a little sticky, and that will only mean that it won’t be vacuumed up easily. The result of this issue is that you can sometimes end up with a carpet that has patches that get dirtier all the more quickly, as the muck sticks to the adhesive residue...

Professional carpet cleaning is an answer that rids you of such problems in most cases, and steam cleaning is a method that inspire a lot of confidence in people, given how hot and high pressured the name sounds. Unfortunately, steam cleaning rarely uses steam in it;s process, as the steam is actually a result of ‘hot water extraction’ as it should be known. Not to worry though, there is still a high heat and a high pressure, in that the machine used blasts hot water into the carpet, then extracting it similarly vigorously. The result is that the dirt is removed successfully using a combination of heat and pressure, which breaks down the adhesive bonds in the dirt, making it easy to suck up upon extraction...

Dry cleaning is a mystery to many, and such mystery remains in the carpet cleaning world. A complex chemical reaction that draws dirt to it occurs when a certain dry compound is mixed with a small amount of solution. The result is a great cleaning process, that leave the carpet looking brand new. The compound can be scrubbed in by machine to really get into the pile and give a deep clean, and once the solution has dried, the residue is removed with a vacuum cleaner. It seems that dry cleaning does not have the same sticky risks as home shampooing does, as the chemicals are not soapy ones that have adhesive qualities. Rather your carpet will be left looking fresh and clean for a long while, which will hopefully make the amount that you have spent on the process well worth it! Yes, unfortunately the cost is rather high for professional services, but the clean will be a lot longer lasting than cheaper options!

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