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19 May 2015

Tips to keep your oven clean and grease free

Spilled sauces and greasy food crumbs in the oven can get quite annoying, especially with our busy lifestyles where cleaning takes a back seat. This is why it becomes essential to call in the oven cleaners when the appliance gets all greasy and beyond your routine cleaning skills. If you feel it is time to call in the oven cleaners then just contact your local cleaning agency. A skilled cleaner should be able to reinstate your kitchen gadget to its original condition. While cleaning the oven is indeed a tedious task, you can follow some of our easy tips to ensure that the appliance stays clean and hygienic.

Know the oven type
oven cleaning
With the changing technological world, we see new types of oven being introduced in the market very often. It is therefore important to know your type of oven and the kind of cleaning it requires. Some of the standard ovens include self-cleaning types, textured ovens and the regular ovens. The self-cleaning type allows you to heat the oven to a high temperature that ultimately reduces the grease and food crumbs to ash. Textured ovens on the other hand are designed to burn away any spillage even while you are baking your food. The regular ovens require you to clean them by hand.

What to do before you start oven cleaning
Ensure that the room is ventilated enough, open up the windows and keep kitchen door open. Check if you have the right cleaning products, gloves and equipments. Read the manual to see if there are any specific instructions for cleaning your oven and also consider the safety precautions suggested by the manufacturer. The shelves in your oven can be washed separately, so place them aside.

Everyday cleaning task
Oven cleaning can be a breeze of a task if you do a bit daily rather than wait for the dirt and grease to build up. Clean up food spillages immediately, it is easier to wipe it off if you do it spot on. Ensure that the oven is cool enough so that it does not pose a risk for you. When stains are allowed to be heated repeatedly they become difficult to get rid of. Also, it is suggested that you remove the shelves and rinse them in your sink atleast once a week.

Clean oven with baking soda
This is a popular method of cleaning an oven. Mix half a cup of baking soda with three tablespoons of water and make it into paste. Wear a pair of gloves and spread the paste in the interior surface of the oven, clearly staying away from any heating elements. You will notice the baking soda turning brown as you rub it in. Ensure you cover all greasy areas and let it stay overnight. On the next day use a damp cloth to wipe out the paste. If there are chunks of baking soda that refuse to part with your oven, then use some vinegar to loosen them.

Oven cleaner and cleaning shelves
You can use an oven cleaner spray to clean the interiors of the oven if you don’t want to get your hands messy with the baking soda solution. Use a brush to apply the oven cleaner and apply it evenly. Make sure you follow the instructions mentioned on the oven cleaner. Leave the cleaner in the oven for about 30 minutes during which the grease and dirt will break down.
The shelves can be easily cleaned with warm water and dishwashing soap. If it is heavily greased then leave it in soapy water for an hour and then wash it clean.

20 March 2015

Kid friendly cleaning techniques

Having kids is a great pleasure, but obviously they come with toys, food and create lots of mess! Unfortunately we can’t put the whole child into the washing machine with crayon mess, cookie batter and coloured icing all together. The best way to handle the child and home cleaning situation is to stay relaxed and look to this helpful cleaning guide. There is always a little trick to help rid you of those hard to reach stains and keep that toy clutter under control so don’t panic.
    Kid friendly cleaning techniques
  • Invest in a mini hoover, they are fairly inexpensive now days and if you are going to have to run around after your child anyway you may as well have a mini hoover in hand. It will save you work for later and there will be less of a trail of disruption behind the little ones, so you can relax a little more.
  • Lego and plastic toys sometimes go on their fair share of journeys and on the way pick up plenty of germs and dirt. Sitting around the floor they are often picking up grime and hair that sticks to something sticky. You don’t even want to know what that something sticky is! A great way to deal with toys is to put them through a regular wash in your washing machine. Use and underwear garment bag to keep them all together and they will come out sparkly clean and ready to be used again. Use a basket or box to dump toys in after bed.
  • Permanent marker, crayons and paint tend to get everywhere, no matter how carefully you laid  out that newspaper on the table. Fingers have a habit of wandering, before you know it you are having to look into professional carpet and upholstery cleaning Kensington. Rubbing alcohol is the best tip for removing this artistic graffiti from anywhere other than the paper its supposed to be on.
  • We all have to admit to sometimes having to use the microwave for heating up those kids meals. Especially if you make a few in advance and then freeze them for the week. Microwaves can get particularly dirty and even during kitchen cleaning tend to be missed or left till last. Heat up a little bowl of lemon juice and vanilla extract. The lemon juice steam will loosen any dirt so you can simply wipe it clean and your vanilla with create a fresh fragrance. It also works with oven cleaning, you just need a larger bowl.
  • If you are potty training then prevent unwanted overspills from ruining your bathroom floor by using wee pads made for puppies. You can by puppy pads at any pet store or online. By putting them beneath the toilet your mind can rest as they are absorbent and easily soak up any accidents. Great for putting underneath the sheet on your child’s bed as well for any bedwetting incidents.
  • If you have a spillage of any powdery substances, particularly make up which tends to sit in drawers hidden in the corners and turning everything that comes into contact with it a trendy shade. Turn to the Play dough in your home and let it pick all the powder up. You can really press it into the corners to get all the little bits up as well.
  • If all else fails, get your child a realistic play broom and show them how fun sweeping the carpet is. You will be surprised how much fun they have and how much dirt that little broom will bring to the surface ready for your to hoover up. Then your carpet cleaning for the day is done.

3 March 2015

Fast house cleaning checklist

The big spring cleaning is around the corner or maybe you`ve already done all the complex and long procedures for deep cleaning of the most stained objects in your house. In all cases - the most important thing after the big spring cleaning is to keep the house clean and fresh as longer as possible, and next is a simple schedule for house cleaning to apply like every weekend or so.

1. Clean the floors in the entire house via vacuuming machine. 
This will help you to get rid of the bigger sand particles, dust, pollens and blemishes, while ensuring a cleaner and fresher look of the carpets with longer fibers. The vacuuming power ruffles the fibers and so they don`t stick especially in the areas, which see the heaviest foot traffic. On the other hand, the ruffled fibers facilitate the extraction of the sand particles and the dust that`s penetrated deeper into the base of the fibers. Vacuuming is one of the fastest ways for cleaning floors at home and especially when using the right nozzle for a specific flooring. Laminate and tiled floors should be vacuumed with a brushed nozzle, while it`s better to hide the brushes into the nozzle when cleaning fiber carpets and rugs. Don`t forget to lower the suction power of the machine so to clean some light fabrics like curtains, decorative pillows, etc., which is usually the fastest way for cleaning instead of removing the curtains from the windows, soaking up in cleaning solutions, waiting to dry and then placing them back on the walls.

2. There is nothing to beat the speed of cleaning, than rotating rugs and carpets or even turning them on the backing.
This will ensure an even exposure of the parts and areas, which see the heavy wear, while in the meantime saving you time for vacuuming, hot water cleaning and other treatments. Of course, the already dirty front side should be cleaned before turning the carpet and one of the best way for doing that is just to slightly beat the carpet through the window or outdoors. Or else, make sure to clean the back dirty side as soon as possible as a prevention from pollens and allergens, but there is no doubt - rotating or turning carpets is the fastest way to make them look clean and fresh like new, especially when you have to clean at the last moment when awaiting guests and friends.

3. Make a simple homemade solution for windows cleaning.
It may include only hot water and white vinegar, but you can also add a tiny amount of a dish-washing detergent. Then stir well in a small bowl and apply the solution onto the window with a clean towel. Treat the heavily stained areas a couple of times if needed and don`t forget to clean the frames of the windows as well.

4. Get the small carpets, pillows from the sofas and the chairs, as well as curtains and other light fabrics, and beat them slightly through the window.
It`s usually enough to make them looking cleaner and that`s the fastest way to remove the accumulated dust.

5. Wipe off dust after cleaning. 
house cleaningYet that`s the final touch that gives the beautiful fresh look of your house like it`s regularly cleaned up. Again, this yet simple and relaxing activity like wiping off dust can turn into a long and difficult adventure, especially when you have to climb to the ceilings and the lamps or in the tiny spaces behind the furnishings. The best thing is that a duster with electrically charged fibers can wipe off dust much quicker and easier.

12 February 2015

Having professional domestic cleaning done for your end of lease cleaning

Your end of lease cleaning is something that causes some of the most stress when it comes down to moving house. It isn't always easy to do everything yourself because you’re already so tired, and this is where a domestic cleaning company actually comes in handy. Maybe you’re worried and wondering how on earth you’re going to clean an entire house without collapsing half way and that is why hiring a professional cleaning company is one of the best investments that you will ever make. So you’re wondering how it all works right? No problem! We've put together a short guide for you that enable you always know how everything works perfectly for your move! :
    professional domestic cleaning
  • Make a list of what actually needs cleaning. So many cleaning companies will slyly end up cleaning for you much more than you actually bargained for and then stick it on the tab, because now the work is done and you have to pay. It is one of the sneakiest tricks in the book that cleaning companies use to make a nice profit from each clean. When you have ensured that you have set out everything very specifically of what does and doesn't need cleaning, the likelihood of this happening is very slim. 
  • Ensure that the cleaning company that you choose to hire is professional, reputable and reliable. There is absolutely nothing worse than handing over money to a company that isn't licenced or professional and having them dash off with everything you have paid them. You should endeavour to research everything before they are hired such as how long they have been in business, if they are registered at companies house as well as things like past client reviews and testimonials. The reason for this is that you want to be absolutely sure that they are legitimate and deserve your money 100%.
  • Establish your budget. There isn’t anything scarier that a person who hasn’t established their budget and tries to secure a quote from a company without really knowing how much they are looking to spend. The key factor here is that you know what it is you want cleaning and then call up and be specific as described in point one with your list. Your list will help ensure that you get the best quote as you should be calling up different cleaning companies to find out how much each company will be charging. In your quote by the company, ensure that VAT is also part of it as most VAT registered companies, do not include this and stick it as a necessary surcharge on the final bill. 

22 January 2015

How to have your sofa cleaned by the experts

Sofa cleaning is something that we think of; every once in a while when our couches and sofas are completely covered in grime and dirt and no matter how many scrubs we give the sofa, it just doesn't quite cut the mustard! So we think of hiring a cleaning company to be able to help us restore our sofas back to normal. It isn't always easy to clean your sofa yourself and this is why places like cleaning agencies make it very simple to have the same sofa that you once bought, back to its original state. A clean sofa really adds to the ambiance of the house meaning that your house will have a natural face lift and don’t be surprised by all the compliments on the “new” sofa. Here is how you can go about finding a cleaning contractor company to take care of all the work for you, whilst you marvel at the end result:
    sofa cleaning
  • Hiring sofa cleaners means that you need to know what fabric your sofa is often made of. Is it cloth or is it leather? Cleaning is quite simple when you can provide the specifics of the sofa to the company that you will be hiring. It helps them and it helps you to understand the work that is actually needed to be carried out. One of the main reasons to know what you need doing is that sometimes a company can quote you extra, because they don’t know the actual specifics on what it is that you need cleaning. Perhaps, it is not the entire sofa that you won’t but your 5 year old spilled some juice or something on some part of the sofa that now doesn't want to come off and it is the most annoying thing ever. Being able to be specific when it comes to having your cleaning done, will help you leaps and bounds!
  • Inquire about pricing. Nothing is more frustrating that finding a company that seems really food, their services, their atmosphere and presentation, only to find that they are out of your budget. The best way to bust this straight through the door, is by giving them a call and asking for a no-obligation quote which will enable you to make a decision on if you would like to hire this company or not. Whilst inquiring about the pricing, it is also wise to ask two separate questions that will be deciding factors. Firstly, are all their prices inclusive of VAT and secondly, do they charge per sofa (per item) or is it a flat rate/hourly? Remember that every cleaning company works different and sometimes what is good for the goose isn't always good for the gander. Best to be safe, rather than sorry. A lot of companies, do indeed have the good sense to include VAT however, if the company is VAT registered—it will often be an extra on the bill, ensuring that you won’t always be alerted on it. 

15 December 2014

Reduce commercial cleaning costs

The expenses that come with running your own business are by no means slight and if you’re anything like most business owners you’ll be looking for ways to save money here and there. While you've probably already started looking at more efficient energy saving measures and going digital to avoid the cost of stationary, there is another way you can reduce spending… on office cleaning!

cleaning costsIf you are running a large company it’s likely that you’ve got the professional cleaners coming in on a daily business, probably at night when the majority of your staff have gone home.  This probably costs an arm and a leg and could really be cutting into your profits, particularly if you’re a start-up or have been facing some financial difficulties of late! Cleaning companies are well aware of the demand for their services, which is why they won’t hesitate to charge a small fortune for a regular and reliable cleaning service Islington. However why we’re not suggesting you scrap the cleaning agency all together, we want to offer you some advice on how you can reduce those commercial cleaning costs!

Bin it!
With every desk having it’s own dustbin, this will result in a build up of rubbish by the day’s end. A great suggestion is to have a centralised bin system, located somewhere that’s not in the way, where everyone has to throw their rubbish. If you’re concerned about the environment then why not have a central bin system that’s divided into three compartments, one for general waste, one for plastic and one for paper. You may be asking yourself how this will save you on your cleaning bill. Well the answer is simple. If all the rubbish is in a central point, cleaners won’t have to walk round emptying every single rubbish bin and can collect all waste in one go. This will save cleaners time, which means they won’t bill you for as many hours work!

Now it has become best practice for professional cleaners and cleaning agencies to visit offices on a daily basis. Step back for a moment and ask yourself… is this really necessary? Cleaning your office just three times a week is probably more than enough, even if you do have large premises. Assign individual tasks to staff members, like regular washing up of their own coffee mugs and cleaning of their desk. Another useful tip to consider is purchasing a dishwasher so that everyone’s cups and mugs or even plates and cutlery can be loaded at the end of the day, switched on and presto… one less job for the professional cleaners. All these tips will leave the cleaning companies the job of vacuuming the office and giving the kitchen and bathrooms a good deep clean!

Sharing is caring
If you’ve managed to narrow down your cleaning necessities provided by cleaning agencies but still require their services several times a week, then why not see if your neighbouring office would care to share the cleaning company and therefore divide the costs? Clubbing together on this could be a great way to save yourself some money but still get the best out of professional cleaning services.

Regular tidying up
A vital tip to saving on cleaning costs is by keeping your office tidy and clear of any obstacles that may be blocking hallways, stairways etc. Don’t leave things lying around the office, as before the professionals can clean an area, they must first be able to reach it. Send out an office memo encourage staff to keep their work stations in an orderly and tidy fashion, with as little as possible clutter on their desks and in their immediate area.

29 October 2014

Useful Office Cleaning Tips

Working around an office is something most of us are tied into nowadays, for reasons that may largely vary from one person to another. There is one thing we can all agree upon however and that is that no one will enjoy a dirty office environment. If you do spend many hours in such an environment, you will likely be fully aware of the dust and grime you may see every day. You will likely notice the dust flying in the air among other things, but when handled right this doesn't really need to happen. The tips of this article will give you some details you can use about the way you can handle things with no trouble at all:

office cleaning
  • The main problem in most cases around the office, regardless of the fact that we live in an almost completely digital era is the use of paper. Your job may not exactly work with a lot of paper and it may be vastly different from the traditional idea of an office, but at the end of the day you will likely still have a good bit of paper lying around. You will need to make sure you have removed most of what you don’t need so you can make your office cleaning efforts much easier in the long run.
  • Make sure you never eat over your keyboard, unless you want to deal with the really difficult and annoying task of having to clean it more often than you would have to otherwise. You can use antistatic wipes to clean your PC and laptop as well as other electronics around the office with greater efficiency. If you really do have to clean your keyboard, you should flip it around, shaking and tapping it to remove some of the hard stuff. If you do have to do some more thorough cleaning, then you will need to disassemble its entire set of buttons, placing them next to it in the order in which you removed them. This will allow you to clean it button by button if you have to, as well as the space under the buttons. 
  • Something else you need to do is to ensure you have a well-organized desk, as this will let you work with your belongings in a much more effective way overall. This will also ensure you will spend less time cleaning and dealing with putting things back into order before and after the cleaning is done. If you have less decoration, then you will have to deal with less during the cleaning itself. Keep it simple, keep it easy.